Питомник белых сибирских кошек Снежное Королевство
Аbout Nursery



'SNOWY KINGDOM' Syberian Cat's Nursery opened in Saint-Petersburg, Russia on february, 2008


In spite of it's newness we make appreciable  progress of its development.


We proud of extra-class individuals of Syberian strain, which is main in our Nursery. 


'Snowy Kingdom' is a member of WCF under the dominantion of Cats FunClub 'Saffi'


Our Cats take part and actively win in various International WCF Exibitions.


The tittle 'Snowy Kingdom' devoted to all our snow-white cats.


We are glad to propose You kittens.

If you don't find a  colour of kitten that you prefer, so you can make an order.

We can help to choose a kitten or to raise a necessary coloured kitten.


Beside breeding the Nersary have an enlightenment  side. 

We are allwaus ready to give you detailed advice of keeping cats

(of nourishment, nursing, preparing to the shows/exibitions, etc.)


We are glad of contacts with owners of breeding cats from other clubs.


We are sincerely glad to see You and your Syberian Cats in our Nersery!


Main information tel. 8-921-330-36-15

E-mail:  olga_bondarchuk@bk.ru

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